Top Mobility Platform Helping to Deliver Essentials to Customers

The COVID-19 has brought most economic activities to a near standstill. However, the pandemic has proved beneficial for some delivery platforms built to deliver necessities and essentials. However, a few top players are UberEats, Zomato, Glovo, JustEat, and many more.  

The on-demand home delivery was a luxury and way to pay for convenience in significant cities. But the COVID-19 spread has changed that, now everyone is ordering everything from food to groceries to other day-to-day essentials through easy-to-use platforms. An existing delivery platform like Foodpanda, Glovo and many more have stepped up their operations. 

Top Delivery Platform Catering Growing Demand

The delivery platform makes it easier for customers to order pizza, groceries, or other essentials from the local delivery brands. They can order anything with a few taps on their smart device. And after a few clicks, you will show up with ordered products at their doorsteps. Mobility solution makes it easier to order and get your healthy lunch, medicines, and other essentials delivered at customers doorsteps. 


Launched in 2014, UberEats is an online meal delivery platform developed by Uber Technologies In. It started its operation in a small area of Santa Monica and then started offering its service to other countries. The online ordering and delivery platform make it easier for users to choose from a different restaurant and cuisine.

Users can order food through an app like UberEats and pay through wallets, net banking, credit/ debit cards, or cash on delivery. The on-demand platform helps users to order meals through nearby restaurants. And there is no doubt that customers will always go after what is convenient.

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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Berlin, Foodpanda is providing its service in 40 countries worldwide. The platform started its operation in India to make online ordering faster and easy for food lovers. After partnering with thousands of restaurants, Foodpanda offers users an extensive menu across hundreds of big and small cities. 

Looking to offer quick access to your customers to your restaurant menu? A Foodpanda clone can make it easier for you; the tech stack can help you manage orders, deliveries, and much more right from a one-stop solution. Customers can order their favourite meal from the platform, make payments, and track their orders.

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Zomato started its operation in Delhi and then started to operate internationally. The delivery platform has partnered with many small and big restaurants to offer the best service to its customers. Using an online ordering and delivery platform, users can quickly check reviews, explore the menu, and place orders right from their favourite restaurant. 

Undoubtedly Zomato is one of the top online food ordering platforms. And if you are looking to boost digital presence for your food ordering and delivery business, then the Zomato clone is worth the investment. The tech stack makes it easier for customers to get their favourite meal delivered at their doorsteps.

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The Spanish startup has millions of users who use Glovo to order all the essentials like groceries, medicines, and others. But food delivery is the most popular among all. The market leader offers its service in many countries; the platform serves on behalf of other brands and charges some percentage on each delivery made through the platform.

You can also follow the same business and revenue model as Glovo to make money in the market. Glove clone makes it easier for you to provide improved service to your customers by empowering them to order and get all their essentials right at their doorsteps.

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Just Eat

Initially founded in 2001, Just Eat is an online ordering and delivery platform that provides service in more than 20 countries. It makes it simple for users to search for restaurants at their convenience; they can search by location and food, order it, and choose to get it delivered or picked up right from the restaurant. The platform partners with big delivery chains to provide the best services to customers; you can even start offering the same with the Just Eat clone.

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After leveraging success in beverages delivery, Colombian online delivery startup, Rappi expanded its delivery service to groceries, meals, and much more. Users looking for cash can also use Rappi as it offers the same service; they can make payments through credit/debit cards or choose to make cash payments on deliveries they receive. You can also make it easier for users to order anything through the Rappi clone. 

The online ordering and delivery platform connects customers with your business, helping you to provide them with all daily essentials right in one place. If you don’t have everything, you can partner with other supply chains and convey them to offer their service on your platform with some charges on orders made through your platform.

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Delivery businesses have gained massive popularity after the COVID-19 spread. Many people consider online ordering as the best option rather than moving to local stores; hence it provides excellent opportunities for online business. And if you yet haven’t given digital touch to your business, then it’s the right time. A mobility solution can help bring great money to your table in a short time.

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